What the heck is Fry Sauce?

Well folks, fry sauce is a condiment for dipping french fries that started here in Utah and is served at most of the burger joints in these parts. The burger folks' recipes are basically a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, but "Some Dude's" recipe includes tomatoes, Santa Fe chiles, garlic, and "The Dude's" secret spices.

When he first mixed up a batch of "Some Dude's" fry sauce, the folks around here went crazy for it! They started puttin' it on everything from french fries, of course, to hamburgers, chicken, fish and hot dogs. Some use it as a veggie and chip dip, some have even been known to use it as shampoo (not recommended). He decided that everybody needed to have some; So, he put some of that there fry sauce in a squeezy bottle, put it in the grocery, and the rest is history.
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